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Welcome to this beautifully situated and historic free house, parts of which date back to the 17th Century. Today the Inn is renowned for its friendly welcome, fine ales and good food, including the famous '2in1' Pie. The '2in1' was created at the Weighbridge over 40 years ago and since then is has become a firm favourite with our customers and is known across the UK - and beyond!

The Weighbridge stands adjacent to the original packhorse trail to Bristol, which is now a footpath and bridleway. The road at the front of the Inn became a Turnpike on 24th May 1822 with the following tolls: 

  • 4d - For a horse drawing a carriage 
  • 1d - For a horse 10d - For a herd of cattle per score 
  • 3d - For pigs per score

The innkeeper ran both the weighbridge and the Inn. The Weighbridge served the local mills, perhaps mainly the nearby Longfords Mill, which was owned by the Playne family and produced woollen cloth for the clothing industry. Raw materials were weighed entering the mill and the finished product weighed as it set out on its journey to cities such as Bristol, Bath and London. Memorabilia from the mill can be found all around the Inn today, including the large collection of keys.

In 1891, the landlord of the Weighbridge Inn was recorded as Edward Gage, although the owner was Arthur Twisden Playne. It had an annual rateable value of £12.15s.0d. A relative of Arthur, George Playne established a brewery around this time at Forwood, Minchinhampton and supplied the Inn as well as thirty other tied houses in the area. In time, the brewery was taken over by the larger Stroud Brewery. The photograph above was taken at the turn of the 20th Century and depicts horse drawn vehicles queuing up to be weighed. The advertisement painted on the wall of the Inn proclaims the virtues of Stroud Brewery Ales with their A.K. best bitter and mild ales available on the premises. The pub still prides itself on its range of local craft ales.

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