2 in 1 Pie®

The Weighbridge Inn is the home of the original 2 in1 Pie®. Created over forty years ago, this unique dish remains a firm favourite for all of our customers. The recipe has never been made public and to this day remains a closely guarded secret passed from landlord to landlord.

What is a 2 in 1 Pie®?

2 in1 PiePut simply, it is a complete meal in one bowl! Imagine succulent, lean beef slowly braised in beer and stock with oregano and marjoram on one side of the bowl and tender cauliflower in a rich mature cheddar cheese sauce oozing on the other. Alternatively you can vary your choice by replacing the cauliflower cheese with broccoli mornay or ratatouille. Now top these glorious fillings with the shortest, crumbliest homemade pastry you can imagine and bake in the oven until golden brown. Serve on a rustic wooden board and dig in!

We serve a broad range of pies all of which are made totally from scratch in our kitchen. We use locally sourced ingredients from independant suppliers. All of our meat comes from the excellent Jessie Smith's in Tetbury. Our 2in1 Pies® come in two sizes.  The Mini which is an ample portion or for the very hungry there is the Full size. Our pies are also available with just a filling topped with shortcrust pastry if preferred.

For our veggie and vegan friends we have created a Root Vegetable 2in1 Pie® which is a delicious medley of lightly spiced roasted root vegetables and beans in a tomato sauce.

Our pies can also be suitable for those customers who have an intolerance to wheat and gluten - please just ask. We make a special gluten free pastry.

2in1 Pie® Fillings

Steak & Mushroom

Steak & Kidney

Chicken, Ham & Leek in a Creamy Sauce

Turkey & Trimmings (chipolata sausages, bacon, stuffing & cranberry)

Creamy Fish with dill sauce (served with broccoli mornay)

Roasted Root Vegetables (With pulses in a lightly spiced tomato sauce)

"Pie of the Week" - Ask the team for seasonal specials